The transition between seasons is a fascinating time. Often, we take for granted that our bodies, minds and spirits can simply flow with these transition times, and that we will progress through them and come out of them exactly as we were before. Did you know that each season has its own energy? Therefore our energies move differently within it. Depending on how balanced our energies are, that movement may or may not be effortless.

As we move out of summer and into fall, we experience the transition on three energetic levels: physical, mental and emotional.

The Physical Level

The most apparent level, we feel the temperature cool down. We also might feel our energy levels decrease and our immune systems working harder.

The Mental Level

On a mental level, we might experience a shift from the warm, upward and outward, more expansive summer energy to a more reflective mental state. It’s necessary to get more focused and clear on what we need to do to actualize the dreams we dream in summer.

It’s a more serious period, which requires us to examine our thoughts to determine what will be useful to us, and release whatever is extraneous or no longer beneficial.

The Emotional Level

Our energy is moving inwards and downwards, sinking us deeper into ourselves. During this time, we may feel a sense of grief or melancholy and sometimes low self-esteem. We also may feel a lack of purpose, a sense of disconnection or greater sensitivity.

The Importance of Doing a Self-Check

If you can relate to the above, we invite you to check in with yourself on your levels. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you feel ease and flow?
  • Is there dis-ease?
  • Does it feel challenging or is there resistance?

A lot of imbalance comes from how we managed our energies in earlier seasons. For example, in the significant resurgence of energy in spring, did your body move enough or did you feel stuck? As that was the beginning of the coronavirus shutdown, we likely know the answer.

Did you overdo it in the summer season, staying up late every night and using up your resources that are now necessary to keep your immune system healthy? These resources also are needed to hold and contain reflective thoughts with care and self-compassion.

Have you been ignoring or overruling the messages your mind and body have been giving you in favour of fulfilling obligations or seeking pleasure? Now’s the time to determine how to work with your energies in this season so that you move seamlessly through the transition into winter smoothly. Doing so also allows you to have the balance required to reawaken next spring ready to be your best self and be prepared for growth.

Do you see the interconnectedness? Fall is also the season in which Sylvie helps people with springtime allergies.

Ways to Stay Balanced

The fall season is associated with the lung and large intestine, the organs most linked to inspiration and with letting go or release. We can work on balancing the energies in these organs through the following:


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  • Appropriate diet and herbs
  • Suitable exercise
  • Keeping in tune and working with your emotions
  • Dressing appropriately for the weather



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These all will help you transition through time more easily and stay healthier on every level throughout the season.

Please contact Sylvie with any questions, to discuss this topic further, or to book an acupuncture appointment. She looks forward to working with you!

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