The ProAdjuster™ On St. Clair West

Would you like to experience the myriad benefits of chiropractic care, but don’t like the idea of getting “cracked,” “popped” or “twisted?” You’re not alone. Many people avoid going to the chiropractor because they’re afraid the adjustments will be uncomfortable, if not painful.

We have some great news! Dr. Jordanna can adjust you with the ProAdjuster, a sophisticated computerized tool that delivers crack-less chiropractic care.


Providing a Precise & Comfortable Analysis

With a manual adjustment, you’re in a lying down position on the table. However, with the ProAdjuster, you’re on a seated table. Not only does the instrument adjust, it’s a computerized method of analysis that uses cutting-edge technology to check for motion at the joint level.

What to Expect

Dr. Jordanna will run the ProAdjuster along your spine and do an analysis at every joint level. This tool tests each joint and puts a slight impulse through the joints. The ProAdjuster also checks motion at each joint level and tension.

Each joint is given a score, and there’s a normal range and an abnormal range. Dr. Jordanna selects the joints to adjust based on the analysis. Then she performs a post analysis, which will be displayed on the tool.

‘Don’t I Need to Hear a Crack for It to Be Effective?’

Many people are under the impression that if you don’t get a manual adjustment and hear the associated crack, the adjustment won’t be effective. That’s not true. Yes, you’ll experience the immediate chemical cascade that the crack causes—warmth in the joint and that deep release.

However, all chiropractic adjusting instruments, including the ProAdjuster, achieve the same motion at the joint level. It’s just that your body takes that information, processes it in the brain, and then it comes back down to the joint.

If you examine a joint’s range of motion 24 hours after the adjustment, it’s the same whether a manual or instrument adjustment was given.