Massage Therapy in St. Clair West

Most people agree having a massage feels great, but an increase in research has also shown its widespread health benefits. Massage treatments are designed to aid the body’s own defence and immune systems to improve on their function. In short, massage helps your body help itself. Through the manipulation of soft tissue, lymphatic drainage, and the use of hydrotherapy, massage treatments can: increase the length & quality of sleep; help with pain management; increase relaxation; decrease stress; and improve circulation, all aiding in your natural defence & healing mechanisms allowing the body to repair itself.

Long-standing spinal issues are also accompanied by deep-rooted muscle patterns. Muscle spasms and scar tissue are often present. By adding massage therapy to your chiropractic care, we can address these muscle and soft tissue problems. This approach can help accelerate your recovery and retrain your spine.


Conditions Treated

Massage techniques are very effective in treating general stress reduction and relaxation, but can also be extremely effective in treating various other musculoskeletal conditions such as:

  •  General muscle pain
  •  General muscle tension
  •  Headaches and migraines
  •  Posture or structural issues
  •  Ligament sprains and muscle strains
  •  Muscle spasms
  •  Sleep pattern improvement
  •  Constipation
  • Nerve compression syndrome
  • Mood disorders (ex: stress, anxiety, depression)
  • Arthritis
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Chronic pain syndrome/Fibromyalgia
  • Tendonitis/Tendonosis
  • Swelling and chronic inflammation
  • Trauma physical/emotional

Massage Therapy – Specialty treatments

Lymphatic massage treatment

Lymphatic treatments are geared towards the reduction or elimination of swelling, therefore improving circulation and decreasing pain. Lymphatic massage is a non-invasive treatment that can be used for almost any patient, excluding those with unstable or untreated blood pressure problems, recent heart attacks, fever, infections and sepsis (septicemia/blood poisoning).

Lymph is a fluid that, among other things, collects and contains waste as it circulates throughout the body. These waste products are eventually delivered to lymph nodes (bean sized “cleaners”) for removal from the body. Chronic swelling and discomfort can occur when there is a back up of lymph fluid (lymphedema) or stagnation of fluid from a variety of causes such as, inflammation, removal of nodes in cancer screening and decreased physical activity.

 Pregnancy massage treatment

Treatments during pregnancy typically focus on those conditions related to the dramatic physical and hormonal changes such as the low back pain associated with pregnancy, pain from the compression of nerves (like sciatic nerve pain) occurring with postural changes, general fatigue, joint and muscle pain, and muscle cramps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get My Massage at Your Office?

As we are a multidisciplinary clinic, you can take advantage of this therapy as well as other health-promoting modalities. At our office, we take a holistic approach by focusing on the overall health of our clients.

Where Will My Session Take Place?

You will have your massage in a tranquil, warm and comfortable room. We may use soft lighting to foster a relaxing atmosphere. You’ll lie on a soft table.

Should I Dress a Certain Way to My Appointment?

While we recommend wearing comfortable clothing to your session, therapeutic massage is usually performed while a client is unclothed. Rest assured that you will be appropriately draped at all times. You will be covered with a sheet and/or blanket at all times and only the areas being treated will be undraped. While the majority of people undress to their underwear, others may leave some clothing on, or choose to undress completely. It’s your choice. You will decide what level of comfort is appropriate for you. Your therapist always will respect your privacy.

What Parts of My Body Will Be Addressed?

You and your therapist will discuss what you’d like to achieve. A typical full-body session will include work on your arms, back, legs, glutes/buttocks, head, neck and shoulders. You will never be touched on or near your breasts or genitals. Please feel free to let your therapist know if there is any area you do not want worked on, we are happy to accommodate your requests.

Will Any Type of Lubricant Be Used?

Your therapist will apply a light oil or lotion to reduce excessive friction to the skin and allow smoother, deeper strokes. The lubricants utilized also help to hydrate the skin. Please let the therapist know if you are allergic to certain oils or scents.

What Will The Massage Feel Like?

It depends on the techniques used. Your session may begin with broad flowing strokes to start the relaxation process. Pressure will be slowly increased to relax specific areas and release tight muscle bands. If you are receiving a deep tissue massage or trigger point therapy, those will include the application of deeper pressure and more intensive techniques. It’s essential that the pressure always remains within your comfort level. If you would like to receive less or more pressure at any time, tell your therapist.

Will I Be Sore After the Session?

On occasion, some people may be sore in some areas the next day, depending on the type of massage and degree of pressure they received. Drinking plenty of water following your session may decrease these symptoms, which will typically subside by the following day.

Are You Taking Extra Precautions Due to COVID?

Yes, we are compliant with regulatory bodies to ensure the safety of our patients. Please see our COVID Protocols page for more information.