The term ‘Homeopathy’ comes from ‘homeos’ meaning similar and ‘pathos’ meaning suffering. Though considered as an alternative system of medicine, WHO recognizes Homeopathy as one of the leading systems of medicine in the world. It is the second most widely used systems in the world.

Discovered by a German physician called Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the 19th century, Homeopathy has regained its importance over the last few decades because of its holistic approach.

Homeopathic remedies are super dilutions of naturally available substances making them safe for consumption. The unique manufacturing processes of Homeopathic remedies involve a minimum amount of source material to make thousands of doses. This makes the processes sustainable and the system uniquely environment friendly.

A Complete System of Medicine

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine capable of tackling most disease conditions. When used correctly, it offers a wide range of beneficial treatments for a variety of conditions. To name a few, degenerative bone and joint conditions like arthritis and chronic back pain, skin complaints like eczema and psoriasis, hair fall, acidity, asthma, migraine, hormonal disorders, chronic digestive troubles, etc. emotional and psychological disturbances like mood disorders, hyper-activity in children, learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, nervousness, lack of self-confidence, etc. respond well to Homeopathic remedies too.

Homeopathy has also proved to be very efficacious in veterinary sciences for use on various animals to help dealing with different disease conditions. With the introduction of these remedial substances, the patient may enjoy the benefits of the medication rather than suffering from the effects of the disease condition, thus improving the quality of life.

Contrary to the general belief, Homeopathy is not a slow process. But if you expect an age-old illness to get better in the same time period as a recent cough and cold then you are confusing Homoeopathy with magic! It takes great efforts for a physician to treat an individual holistically. Hence, it is only fair to give your Homeopath the time and patience (s)he deserves, for an old illness to be helped correctly and wisely.

Homeopathic remedies can be of immense help to patients of any age group for complaints related to any disease condition. For most medical conditions, Homeopathy can be trusted with efficiently assisting medical treatment. In pathologically irreversible conditions (like cancers, kidney failure, liver cirrhosis, lung fibrosis, etc), Homeopathy can help in providing a good quality of life to the patient by helping with symptomatic relief.

In conclusion, it may be safe to say that with Homeopathy being an eco-friendly, holistic, natural, cost-effective, safe and complementary medicine system, it may truly be the medicine of the future!

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