Maybe you’ve put off seeing a chiropractor for years because you were afraid you’d get “cracked,” “popped” or “twisted.” The good news is Dr. Jordanna can adjust you with the ProAdjuster, a state-of-the-art tool that doesn’t involve any such actions!

A Specific & Comfortable Analysis

Unlike getting a manual adjustment, which puts you in a lying down position on the table, you’re on a seated table when the ProAdjuster is used. The instrument does more than adjust; it’s a computerized method of analysis that uses sophisticated technology to check for motion at the joint level.

Dr. Jordanna will run it along your spine and do an analysis at every joint level. This tool checks each joint and puts a little impulse through the joints. The ProAdjuster also checks motion at each joint level and tension. It gives each joint a score, and there’s a normal range and an abnormal range. Dr. Jordanna picks the joints to adjust based on the analysis. Then she does a post-analysis which will be displayed on the tool.

An Extra Layer of Protection in these Pandemic Times

With coronavirus concerns still present, many people are understandably worried about being exposed to germs. Although chiropractic is a hands-on form of natural health care, the use of the ProAdjuster provides another layer of comfort to them. That’s because the instrument, not the doctor, is touching them. Plus, the ProAdjuster goes through clothing, so you will never need to remove any to get adjusted.

But Is It as Effective as Manual Methods?

Many people are under the impression that if you don’t get a manual adjustment and hear the associated crack, the adjustment won’t be effective. That’s not true. Sure, you’ll experience the immediate chemical cascade that the crack causes—warmth in the joint and that deep release.

But all the instruments, including the ProAdjuster, that do chiropractic adjustments, achieve the same motion at the joint level. It’s just that your body takes that information, processes it in the brain, and then it comes back down to the joint.
If you look at a joint’s range of motion 24 hours after the adjustment, it’s the same whether a manual or instrument adjustment was given.[/builder_notebox]

“You’re still inputting into the nervous system—sending messages up the spinal cord to the brain, which causes serotonin and dopamine to be released, and your cortisol and adrenaline to be suppressed. Your motor cortex is getting that relaxation signal turned on so the muscles in that area relax,” said Dr. Jordanna.

Experience for yourself a comfortable, crack-less adjustment with the ProAdjuster. Contact us today schedule an appointment with Chaitali. today to book an appointment!


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