Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, our practice remains open, and we are here to serve you safely. To protect you, your family and our team, we follow all the Ontario Health Guidelines, and those laid out by each practitioner’s specific Regulatory Guidelines.

Our practitioners wear appropriate PPE, including disposable medical masks. Another way we are ensuring your safety is by cleaning all diagnostic and treatment instruments as well as treatment surfaces between each patient’s appointments. We also have ozone air purifiers in each treatment room to constantly clean the air, and we use an all-natural air purifying spray to further clean the air between patients.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Before your appointment (24 hours before), we will email you a request to fill out a COVID-19 screening form. Please complete the form before your visit. When you arrive please inform your practitioner if you have had any health changes from the day before. If you do need to miss your appointment due to health/Covid concerns you will not be penalized. We will be happy to reschedule your appointment for a later date. When you arrive your practitioner will take your temperature with a contactless thermometer to ensure you don’t have a fever.

You also can complete your new patient paperwork online, which will help limit the items you need to touch while visiting.

Your Visit

Wear a mask

Please wear a mask upon entering the clinic. If you do not have a mask, we will provide you with one. Immediately, after stepping inside, please wash your hands or use the provided hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands.

Practice physical distancing

Please remain two metres away from others (other then your designated practitioner) when in the office. If you see two individuals in the waiting area, please refrain from entering the practice. Please wait outside or in your car. You will be contacted when it’s safe to enter the clinic, or feel free to come in once those in the reception area have left.

Your practitioner

You practitioner will wear freshly cleaned clothing at the clinic and will be washing their hands with proper hand washing protocols between patients. We have added extra time between patients to allow for all our increased hygiene and sanitation protocols.

Contactless Payment-There’s an App for That

Though we’re not making contactless payments mandatory at our practice, we strongly encourage patients to do contactless whenever possible. With Jane, our schedule/billing app, you can make Credit Card payments, including adding a tip if you wish. We also have Square app available for Debit payments and will be happy to accept an E-transfer if you prefer that.